Meet Madison

Madison Chamberlain represents the freedom of being who you want to be. We design whimsical occasion wear looks for individuals who are wanting to dress for themselves. It began as a ready-to-wear few of a kind womenswear line and have since evolved into designing non-traditional wedding looks for people who do not resonate with the current bridal market. We believe people should wear what makes them feel the most powerful on their wedding days. Our previous clients come to us because they do not feel represented in the bridal world and they often have issues with fit. One of our previous brides, Maya, did not want to wear white and nothing fit her properly. She was getting married in New Orleans and wanted something that made her feel like her. Also, being a size 16 left her with little options. So we made her the sequin, sparkly, multi gown of her dreams. When she put it on she was moved to tears because she had, "never had a garment fit her body so perfectly before." This is why we do what we do.