Lili, Elopement veil

“Madison is absolutely amazing! She made the process so easy and stress free. She understood my vision and curated a beautiful selection of fabrics for me to pick from. When my husband and I last minute decided to elope, she worked her magic and got my veil to me in just days time! You would be so lucky to work with her and have her create your vision. ”

Leah, custom wedding dress, reception dress, veil, and garter

Madison's enthusiasm and creativity made the whole experience. I reached out to Madison after I searched high and low for a pink dress and a dress to change into. Instantly Madison saw my vision come to life. She sent me so many incredible designs - I had the hardest time choosing. She was patient as I sent back changes or combined designs. They made the trying on experience even more special then any bridal store I went to. In such a wonderful way this dress was all about me! There was no one else’s opinions or thoughts. The focus was on me and I truly felt like royalty. When I tell you the first fitting, which mind you is muslin fabric and I still felt incredible. The dress fit me like a dream. The girls were popping and my waist looked snatched. I don’t think there is a better dress experience out there. And let me tell you the day of. Showing off that dress! I had people cheering for me; strangers stopping me; and so so many compliments. And my second dress - another show stopper. Madison made my dreams come true. Madison is kind; thoughtful; initiative. She will lift you, she will make you feel special, and she will make you a damn amazing dress that you will want to wear for the rest of your life. Get a Madison Chamberlain before it’s too late! Easily the best decision! 

Michelle, custom wedding dress

“Working with Madison to create my reception dress was an actual dream! I looked all over to find a designer who could rework my mom's 80s wedding dress into a mini dress for my reception, and once I stumbled across Madison's instagram I knew she'd be perfect to bring my vision to life. I loved how she included me in the design process from start to finish, really listening to my vision and concerns and adapting them into several different design concepts. From there, we worked together to combine a few of my favorite design elements and the result ended in perfection. It felt so special to honor my mom in this way and still wear a dress that was unique to my style and matched the fun energy of New Orleans. If you want to rework an heirloom dress into something special, or just want something completely unique to wear on your wedding day, call up Madison and let her work her magic!”

Katy, custom wedding veil

"I reached out to Madison In December of 2022 for a custom veil to be designed and made by September of 2023. We met a number of times over video to get the Dream veil designed exactly how I was picturing it. There was a family emergency in January, and I had to move my wedding to about six weeks out. I thought there was no way I'd be able to have my dream veil in such an expedited time frame. Madison was completely understanding and said, “I want to make this happen for you.” She got it to me just in time, and it wasn't until I put on the custom Dream veil that I cried. It was the first time I felt like a bride. Madison's veil turned me into the bride I wanted to be, and now it is displayed as art in my home. I can't recommend Madison Chamberlain enough. She is easy and fun to work with and strives to create something special for your special day."

Rhiannon, custom veil and cape

"I’m so grateful to have worked with Madison on a custom veil and cape for my wedding. The entire process was so enjoyable and I’m incredibly grateful we got to work together. From ideation and research to fittings and the final pieces, Madison brought a laid-back, positive attitude that made me feel so comfortable and heard. Everything came together exactly as I imagined and my custom pieces were truly the star of the wedding all day and night. It felt so special to have custom pieces for this big occasion. I feel so affirmed by her celebration of non-traditional brides, and her creativity and attention to detail shines in every one of her pieces."

Savannah, custom veil

I found Madison’s work by fluke but now it feels like it was meant to be. I bought a blush pink and lime green wedding dress and figured I’d never find a veil that would work with it, so I gave up on the idea. Then, I was on TikTok and came across a video she posted of a green veil with holographic bows on it…it was almost too good to be true! She was a pleasure to work with and my veil is absolutely beautiful, it was the highlight of my wedding outfit and it even went a little viral online, which wasn’t intended but is definitely flattering! Hopefully I won’t be getting married again (lol) but if I do, Madison’s making me another veil

  • Work with Madison if you want to feel like you are going to the met gala on your wedding day. It is hard to put into words my experience working with Madison because it was such a natural progression which lead me to having Madison create not one but two custom outfits for my wedding weekend. On our initial call I was a mess, showing her 20 different styles and ideas but overall just wanting to do something different for my wedding reception dress. Madison was patient, understanding and ultimately created a once in a lifetime gown. We had several design meetings and as the time to the wedding decreased and my trust in Madison increased I knew having her create a second custom outfit would be the right decision. Madison created a show stopping outfit for my welcome reception that was perfect! I could not recommend Madison enough for the unconventional bride. Through all the wedding craziness, going to Madison's for a fitting became a highlight during the wedding process.

Janine, custom cape

Working with Madison was one of the most dazzling parts of wedding planning. I was beyond thrilled with her transparency, creativity, and professionalism during every step of the process as she crafted my beloved wedding cape. I felt like an empress every single step of the way and was lucky enough to see Madison's GORGEOUS studio IRL for measurements.  

Mary-Caitlin, Custom Cape

I saw @madisonchamberlain_ on tiktok and figured if anyone could grasp the Disco Anne Boleyn idea it would be her. I said BIG, GOLD , EDITORIAL HIGH FASHION DRAMA, HUGE, did I mention gold? also did i mention this wedding is happening on a humid Caribbean island so it also somehow has to be light weight? Also did I mention ENORMOUS AND DISCO GOLD? When I tell you girl did not even blink— just “see you in Philly for a fitting” (yes I had to take another decadent trip where I lugged my gown up from florida just to get this custom fitting  normal behavior). I loved this piece so much I scrapped my original after party outfit idea and bought a basic little white slip dress from target so I could put the cape back on for the 2nd round revelry, which was definitely my second best cape related decision altogether. The first, of course, was asking Madison to make it 

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